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  • Tue 19th Mar 2019 - 4:42am

    The biggest problem with artificial lenses is finding the perfect Eagle Eye 911  prescription that gives us better vision. Our eyes are constantly changing, partly because of the many factors that play a role in how well we can, or cannot, see. Our vision is constantly affected by things like weather, our health, our mood, distractions, and even stress. For instance, if it's a bright, sunny day outside, we tend to be in a better mood and our vision tends to be better. It's almost impossible for a doctor to find the perfect prescription when it comes to artificial lenses. And, if you go to the eye doctor when it's a dark, rainy day outside and your mood is somber, you prescription will be fitted to your eyesight at that moment. So, when it's again bright and sunny outside you're your mood has changed, your glasses won't work nearly as well as they did at the doctor's office. You won't have the better vision you thought you had when you got your artificial lenses. See what happens if you go without your glasses for a couple of weeks. The results may surprise you. Things look blurry at first, but once your eyes adjust to what things look like without artificial lenses, your vision will become much clearer. To live without glasses, you must be sure you're free of mental strain and stress has a negative impact on your vision. The less stressed you are, the better vision you'll have. Be sure to rest your eyes whenever things get out of focus and try some relaxation techniques to help relieve stress. When you wear artificial lenses for any length of time, you're making your eyes lazy and teaching yourself bad habits. So, concentrate on relieving the stress that's keeping you from having better vision and stop covering up your vision problem. Learn how to improve eyesight quickly and effectively without spending your hard earned dollars on glasses, contacts, or Lasik surgery. I'm talking about the 'Dr. BATES METHOD' which has been expounded upon and updated, with new research and technological advancement.

    In order to prevent conjunctivitis, it is essential to wash your hands and face frequently with Johnson's Baby Shampoo and plenty of warm water. Use single disposable towels or cloths to cleanse the face and eye area. Do not reuse a towel, rag, or cloth that you have already used. You should run all commonly used items through the dishwasher to eliminate bacteria i.e. eye glasses, pens and car keys. Use Lysol spray liberally on all surfaces. Never share eyeliners, eye shadows, mascaras, or contact solution and discard make-up after 4 to 6 months. Make sure to change and discard contact lenses regularly according to the package directions, their containers and solutions, and all contact items.





  • Sun 7th Jul 2019 - 7:04pm

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