Entering the Shadowverse: a brief introduction to a game that rivals Hearthstone

Thu 14th Feb 2019 - 4:10am : Gaming

What is Shadowverse?

Shadowverse is a collection card game for mobile and PC that was created by Cygames, which has it's headquarters in Japan. One can access the game via Steam or via the Google Play Store and App Store on Android devices and Apple devices, respectively. The main website can be found at This game is currently growing both in the number of playable cards as well as the community involvement and the esports scene for the game. 

Heart of the Cards

At the core of every major Collection Card Game(CCG for short) is it's player base's involvement and excitement about the cards that will be released. Regardless of the card game, be it Magic the Gathering: Arena, Hearthstone, or Shadowverse, this concept holds true. Shadowverse has been releasing new cards with dazzling art style every three months in their new expansions. 

Shadowverse in Esports

The Shadowverse Grand Prix 2019 will be held this year in December. It has a Grand prize of 1,000,000$ and will be held in Japan. The top 24 players from around the world will battle it out in Japan. There will be qualifier tournaments in 2019, open to anyone who plays shadowverse at a significant level. The tournament site with more information can be found at

Why I play Shadowverse

There are actually only a couple of reasons why I play shadowverse on a semi-casual basis. First and foremost, I play this wonderful game due to it's fabulous artwork and detail for every card. While targeted at a more mature male audience, the card art consists of an anime-style that shines during gameplay and which charmed me the first time I saw it. The female monsters, and the dragons or mystic knights in this game definitely are adorned caringly with great stylistic touches. Aside from the pretty artwork, this game has a mechanic ingame that may surprise players. Called the "Evolve" mechanic, this function within the game is accessible by any player in the game, for usually either 2 times per game for the player going 1st, and 3 times per game for the player going 2nd. This function within the game serves as a way to keep games shorter in time length and definitely makes the game more sweet to play. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention, an evolved monster even has different artwork! 

The third and final reason why I play Shadowverse is the generous amount of expansion cards that the game gives to you, for free! For the past couple of expansions, Shadowverse has given players at least 10 new free cardpacks for the latest expansion. This is not even including the free cardpacks that they give to you during special events ingame. The game can definitely be played on a free-to-play basis. However, I ended up spending slightly less than 100$ on this game, simply because I enjoy the game and want to contribute to it's future. Right now, I am about mid-tier at rank A0. After I climb the ranks of A and AA, I can then attain the Masters levels that most hardcore players want to be at. Looking for an alternative to Hearthstone or someway to make it big in cardgame esports? Look no further. Entering the Shadowverse was never easier.



Kevin Liou

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