Great Esports Leaders

Mon 9th Sep 2019 - 8:38pm : Gaming

What makes a truly great esports leader? What kind of person inspires their team to reach a higher level? It's safe to say that esports leaders know what they are talking about, but it's so much more than that. You got to believe in your team. You have to be constantly supportive and uplifting. When the shit hits the fan, do you have what it takes to be a great esports leader? Well, today we are going to find out!

Stick up for yourself

Great esports leaders have been in the esports scene for a long time. They have been there and done that. They have copped abuse left right and centre from players and many different types of people. The difference between a leader and your average joe blow is, leaders stick up for themselves and fight back. Sure, sometimes it is a good idea to fall silent and ignore the banter. Most of the time it's a good idea to stick up for yourself and for others because this builds character and commands respect. Stand up to bullies and don't let them walk all over you. Even if you only say a couple of words in defence, this can mean all the difference between people viewing you as a leader and not a pushover.

Lead by example

Great players are not always good leaders. But good leaders should always be great players. This is so they can inspire their teammates to face adversity, in style and come out on top. When players on the team see their leader winning, this will inspire them to reach a higher level, to impress the leader. So, having your best player take on the leadership or captain roll is always the best idea. Even if they have to warm into it for a while, it doesn't matter if they are not the best leader straight away, because their journey into becoming a great leader, will help shape and mould the teams view and their esports journey. The leader should always be the one who steps out to defend his teammates, to make big plays, to have the main connection with the management and to speak on behalf of his team.

Confidence vs arrogance

There is a big difference between being confident as opposed to being arrogant. Confidence stems from self-belief, developed over time through experience, whereas arrogance is a false confidence that comes from too much talent and not enough character. You will often see arrogant leaders in esports because they are good at making other people feel uncomfortable and using their team to gang up on people, talk down and put down others. Whilst this might work online or at small LAN events, arrogant leaders usually fail on the big stage, because they can't pull their usual tricks. The only reason why players follow arrogant leaders is that they don't want to fall victim to these people themselves. Confident esports leaders don't put people down, they lift people up and the difference means other players believe in them and are even able to perform at the highest level, whilst riding on their shoulders.

Showing the way

Excellent esports leaders recognise that there is a need to improve their game and the game of the players in their team or organisation. Weak leaders will see a player making a mistake and then take them apart with ridicule, only to lift themselves up, because they see this way of acting as necessary to keep their position alive. Strong esports leaders will see mistakes being made and bring up solutions, at the appropriate time, usually during training, where the issue can be resolved, without even talking directly to the player who is making the mistake. This leaves other players feeling respected and builds respect and admiration for the esports leader. Weak leaders will call out mistakes, bitch and complain even during a live competition, leaving their teammates feeling alienated and exposed. Strong leaders will build an environment where players are protected, can learn without discomfort and are respected enough to take risks and make improvements, without judgment.

Be humble

Strong esports leaders are confident enough to be humble. They realise that they don't know the answers to every problem and so, they listen to others and surround themselves with people who are smarter than them. Humble leaders control their emotions and even when they are defending themselves or others, never get worked up or agitated. In this way, humble leaders make everyone else around them feel secure and calm. You can't be humble and be dishonest, they aren’t compatible because humble people are pure. Only certain people can be comfortable enough to be humble and this usually comes from gaming, management and general life experience. If you don't love yourself you can't be a humble leader either, because humble leaders see their own mistakes and have compassion enough, to learn from their mistakes and grow as a person and as a leader. This kind of nature only comes from seeing things and people as they really are, in all their fragility and in all their beauty. They have their eyes open and, in this way, they are respectful. They go the distance for people and they genuinely care.

Incentive and no limits

The best esports leaders realise that there are no limits in esports and you can make it as far as you want, if you put in the hours and have the discipline, commitment and belief. So, the best esports leaders will always reward and will never punish. There won't be any limits on the amount you can receive as a reward for playing well from a great esports leader. You will see them genuinely happy when someone in their team makes a great play or outshines them in-game as the leaders know, if the good stuff is going down then they are doing the job right.

If you want to be an esports leader, you don't have to go very far to be able to meet the person who can take you there. Look in the mirror. Be responsible for the way you behave. Be genuine and humble. Always strive for more and lift others up with you. It's not about winning all the time that makes you are great leader, it about playing and acting in a way that builds respect and discipline within your team so that they have the strength of conviction to improve their game and become better people.

Lead the way gamers!



Joshua Forbes

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