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Thu 6th Sep 2018 - 9:38pm

Hello, Cwandy from PHSTKER here, My first impressions of joining the team were, Amazing and humble people. Very Friendly Managers that want nothing but the best of you and a great community around the team. Honestly my expectations with my team PHSYKER is too succeed with my team mates and always help each other do well in and out of our professional games. I really want to become a better CSGO player by joining this team and to beat all our opponents. I love playing with my team PHSYKER due to the fact that we are all very close, humble, and down to earth people. we understand each other very well and take care of each other when needed. I see my self as one of the main Shot Callers, and I'm also a entry frager the management in this team is amazing and take very good care of us as a team. My dreams are too succeed with my peers and hopefully make it pro. -Cwandy



Joshua Forbes

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